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Tuesday, October 19


Making Your Solid Waste Operation Sustainable
Robert Hasemeier, Senior Managing Engineer, Barton & Loguidice, P.C.
Balancing Landfill Closure Needs & Redevelopment Opportunities at the North Wake Subtitle D Landfill
Robert E. Brossoie, Project Manager, Camp Dresser McKee
Age and Ergonomics: Considerations for the Aging Workforce
Debra Lord, PT, CEAS, Job Ready Services
Updates on Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Activities and Domestic Trading Markets
Chad Leatherwood, Project Manager, SCS Engineers
Mecklenburg County’s Solid Waste Management Programs
Joseph Hack, Senior Project Manager, Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Mgmt.
Introduction of Transfer, Recovery, Processing and Storage Rule
Ed Mussler, Branch Head, Solid Waste Permitting Branch, DWM – NCDENR
Walking the Walk – Sustainable Design for the City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Facilities
Frederick Battle, Director – City of Raleigh, Dept. of Solid Waste Services
John Bove, Associate, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.
Flexible Leachate Storage Containers: An Alternative to Traditional Leachate Storage
Jay Beech, Principal, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc
Chasing Down the “Seep”
Ray Hoffman, Area Engineer, Republic Services

Wednesday, October 20

Saving Money While Improving Service: A Case Study in Waste Collection Efficiency for the City of Concord, NC
Allison Trulock, Solid Waste Planner, HDR Engineering, Inc.
Geophysical Applications for Landfill Characterization
Ron DiFrancesco, Associate and Senior Consultant, Golder Associates, Inc.
Developing a Public Drop-off Recycling Collection Program for Non-bottle Rigid Plastics
Blair Pollock, Solid Waste Planner, Orange County
Cody Marshall, Recycling Programs Supervisor, Orange County
Update on Activities in the Inactive Hazardous Sites Program 
Charlotte Jesneck, Environmental Program Supervisor, Inactive hazardous Sites Branch, DWM  – NCDENR
Conversion of Municipal Waste Materials for Production of Biofuels
Paul Hauck, Senior Environmental Engineer, Camp Dresser McKee
Increasing Regulation at Compost Sites: Water Quality Permitting
Michael Scott, Branch Head, Composting and Land Application Branch, DWM, NC DENR
Ken Pickle, Staff Engineer, Stormwater Permitting Branch, DWQ – NC DENR
Joseph Hack, Senior Project Manager, Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Mgmt.
Conversion Technologies, Recycling and Carbon Management
Anna Collinson, Project Consultant, Resource Recycling Systems
Cutting Operational Costs in Tough Economic Times
Evan Andrews, Regional Manager, Joyce Engineering
Evaluation of Waste Virgin Gypsum Wallboard as Soil Amendment
Fabien Besnard,. Civil Engineering Ph.D Candidate, UNC Charlotte
Creating a Winning Solution to LFG Management
Carlo Lebron, Senior Project Manager, HDR Engineering Inc.
Electronics Legislation
Scott Mouw, Supervisor/Section Chief, Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach – NC DENR

Thursday, October 21

Filling the Wedge for Airspace Recovery
John Murray, Engineer, Solid Waste Permitting Branch, Division of Waste Management – NC DENR
Shaping the Future of Solid Waste
John Carlton, Senior Project Manager, Camp Dresser McKee
Legislative Brief from a County Perspective
Kevin Leonard- Director of Government Relations, NC Association of County Commissioners
Issues and Answers Forum – Collection, Landfill Bans, Convenience Centers, Compliance, etc.
Phil Carter – Government Affairs Officer, Waste Industries, Inc.
Mike Etheridge – Solid Waste Director, Pasquotank County
Chris Stahl -  Solid Waste Director, Macon County
Allen Scott,  Director of Environmental Services, City of Concord
Solid Waste Section (DENR) Update
Paul Crissman, Section Chief, Solid Waste Section, Division of Waste Management, NC DENR
Legislative Brief from a Municipal Perspective
Paul Meyer – Chief Legislative Counsel, NC League of Municipalities
New Landfill Gas Monitoring and Planning Guidance
Elizabeth Werner, Hydrogeologist, Solid Waste Permitting Branch, Division of Waste Management – NC DENR